Building a Brand

by Eileen Davis, Director of Career Development

What impression do you want to portray? When it comes to your resume, you have a few seconds to create an image. Be intentional about the image you want to convey.

  • What do you have to sell? Are you well-rounded? You’ll need several categories for things like activities, honors, work experience, and volunteer experience. Do you have a high GPA? Showcase academic achievements with GPA, awards and scholarships, and honor societies. Lots of work experience? Demonstrate accomplishments on the job.

  • Position key “brand” information in the visual center of the page: the 2-inch wide band that starts 2 inches from the top. Education, qualifications, or achievements–pick your best qualities and place them here.

  • Use precise, concise language. Each word should earn a place on your resume.

  • Give other people 10 seconds to read your resume–then ask what they noticed about you. Revise the resume until your brand comes through clearly.


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