It’s Not Just About a 4.0 Anymore

by Courtney Hisey, Career Counselo

With more and more students graduating from college these days, your ticket to landing your dream job with a Bachelor’s Degree has become even more challenging. Employers, surprisingly, are focusing not so much attention on the perfect 4.0 grade point average, but on well-rounded students. Employers want employees who can balance responsibilities not only inside the classroom, but outside as well.

So how do you show that you’re a well-rounded student? You need to get involved in extra-curricular activities, student organizations, and student chapters of professional organizations. And for maximum impact, don’t just join—assume leadership roles within your chosen organizations, and you will be sure to attract the attention of the employers.

Students are very busy these days, often working fulltime jobs and raising families, so it’s easy to put additional activities on the back burner. However you may be surprised at how easy it is to become involved. Professional organizations often hold luncheon seminars, which you could attend during your lunch break. Many student organizations only meet once or twice a month.

Active participation in these activities not only helps build your resume, it creates a network of people with similar interests. This network could be your ticket to your dream job someday.

Here’s a list of student organizations within the College of Business and professional organizations you may want to explore:

Student Organizations
African American Student Group
Beta Alpha Psi (honorary accounting fraternity)
College of Business Student Council
Master of Business Administration Association
National Association of Black Accountants
U of L Polo Team
RedShirt Company
The Sales Program
Student Sales Network
Thoroughbred Racing Club
Finance Club

For more information on getting involved with one of the student organizations, check out this website: For information on getting involved outside the College of Business, visit:

Professional Organizations
Society for Human Resource Management:
Louisville Society for Human Resource Management:
Kentucky Society for Certified Public Accountants—Student Chapter:
Advertising Federation of Louisville:
International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)-Student Chapter:
Toastmasters International:
Young Professionals Association of Louisville:
Project Management Institute –(PMI)—Kentucky Chapter:
American Society for Training and Development—Local Chapter:
Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA):


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