Network to Find Your Perfect Job

by Virginia Jones (’06), marketing major

Upon entering college, faculty and staff at the College of Business drill into your head the need to get involved in student organizations on campus. The reason is simple – get involved and it will help you develop in your future career. Peer networking was very important to me during college. I worked full time in offices on campus and I joined every marketing-related student organization that I could. While doing that I got to know the entire marketing faculty as well as many other faculty in the College of Business.

Most students who graduate with a marketing degree end up with a career in sales. When thinking about my graduation in May, I knew one thing for sure – I wanted a career that had nothing to do with sales. I set my sights on a career in marketing research. I already had posted my resume on CareerBuilder, an online job searcher, and waited for that perfect job to be emailed to me. I had two months until graduation and the responses I received were overwhelming. However, the emails were positions that weren’t in my field or positions I didn’t qualify for.

I visited with Eileen Davis, the Assistant Director of Career Planning in the Ulmer Career Management Center, only two days after graduation to get help with my resume so I could begin pushing it out the door and into the hands of my future employer. I had already visited Ms. Davis in the middle of my last semester, so few changes had to be made to my resume. However, she suggested that since I was very involved in clubs and organizations in college, I should seek out professional organizations with which to network.

I began researching marketing clubs and associations in the area, as well as other professional associations that would help in my job search. A few of the organizations I researched were the American Marketing Association, the Marketing Research Association, and the Young Professionals Association of Louisville (YPAL).

As a result of my research into these professional organizations, I learned about Greater Louisville Works through YPAL and applied for a few jobs posted on their website. One was a position with Advanced Solutions, Inc., as Marketing Administrator. Advanced Solutions is a value-added reseller of Autodesk products. While involved in the marketing student organizations on campus, I learned a great deal about event planning and about monitoring and measuring the success of marketing initiatives. I felt this job was a close fit for me, since I was well qualified to do all the job responsibilities. I applied for the position and felt I did extremely well in the first interview. I was asked back for a second interview, which was with the chief operating officer of the company. However, I was so nervous during this interview that while he reviewed my resume and asked questions, I didn’t provide him with very well thought out answers.

Luckily, he contacted the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Advising in the College of Business, Allie Goatley, who was one of the references I listed on my resume. I had worked in Ms. Goatley’s office, providing administrative support. I am not sure what questions the employer asked Ms. Goatley or what her responses were, but I know that if it wasn’t for her support and my networking on campus I wouldn’t have received an offer on this job.

Working on campus and getting involved in organizations within the College of Business provided me with the best networking experiences I could have found. Through these networks, I was fortunate to be offered a position in just a couple of months after I graduated.


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