Hit the Bull’s Eye with Target Career Opportunities!

by Scott Bridges, Executive Team Leader for Human Resources, Target Stores

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When it comes to earning potential, most people don’t think of working at Target Stores. But they’d be surprised: New hires in the Executive Leadership Program start out at $42,000. Likewise, it may surprise you to learn that Target offers an excellent leadership training program—one that is unmatched in the retail industry. And you don’t have to be a management major to participate. Let’s take a closer look at the opportunities that await U of L College of Business Target interns.

Everyone knows the name “Target.” When you think of Target, you think of an upscale discounter with high-quality, on-trend merchandise guests want, plus the everyday basics all families need—all at affordable prices. But you might not know that for a multitude of reasons, Target attracts excellent team members. So where do you start in a career path at Target? How about with a paid internship?

The objective of the executive internship is to give the intern an overview of Target Stores’ operation and company programs while strengthening leadership skills to enable you to be an effective leader and strategic business partner for the company’s pyramid. Store executive interns receive support from all leadership areas within the store as they rotate through each executive position. Ultimately, the goal is to turn interns into full-time Target executives upon graduation.

During the ten-week internship program, you review the Target brand strategy and discover what it takes to lead a team. Here are some specific learning areas:
• Learn to merchandise, focusing on guest services and inventory management to maximize sales
• Discover how the human resources position impacts staffing, development, retention, and brand management
• Learn about the product supply chain and work through inventory management and productivity issues
• Be trained on how to discourage theft and fraud while maintaining store safety through the assets protection role
• Have the opportunity to choose an area of interest and complete a hands-on project that requires you to implement the knowledge you acquire as an intern in order to enhance your leadership skills

What skills do we look for in potential Target interns? We like candidates who desire to pursue a career in business management, have great leadership and strong decision-making skills, are assertive and demonstrate initiative, are team-oriented in their thinking, have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, and possess strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task. In return, the intern gets leadership training, learns how a store operates, and has the potential to interview for an executive team lead position upon degree completion.

A lot of students have reaped these benefits as Target executive interns. One student is Jaclyn Milburn, who did her internship in summer 2006 and graduated in December 2006.

“I gained experience in the areas of human resources, logistics, and sales floor management,” she said. “These skills are transferable to any profession. Upon completing the internship I was offered an Executive position with Target in the area of human resources. I had a great experience with the internship program and was ecstatic at the opportunity to pursue a career with the fastest growing retailer in the country. The combination of company culture, benefits, advancement opportunities, and career development make it a joy to be part of the Target team.”

Milburn’s is just one success story. There are many, many more! Being a team leader at Target requires a dynamic combination of business and people skills. Your commitment to innovative leadership will help drive sales, return on investment, guest goodwill, and team member satisfaction. Will you be the next executive intern? Come on—hit the bulls eye with Target!

For more information about the Target Executive Intern Program, contact Ashley Terrell in the Ulmer Center at 852-7756.


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