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Bloggers Need Not Apply

by Charity Mouck, Assistant Director of Career Services & Employer Relations, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

I stole the title for this article from one I read in the July 8, 2005, issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Their article by the same name ran in that issue and I remember reading it with great interest because I myself am an avid blogger and web designer. The basic pretense of that article and many that have followed since then, was that students, faculty and staff, which we can collectively label “job seekers”, may in fact be hampered in their efforts to find employment because of a little side hobby they have called blogging.

For those of you not familiar with the term, blogging is what one does with their blog, which is short for the word weblog. A weblog is a website that presents and archives information in a chronological format. Basically it is a venue for writing, ranting and the disclosure of whatever information the blogger sees fit, which can include pictures as well as the written word.

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