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De-Stress When Shopping for Success

by Laura Merrill, Editor-in-Chief of Career Connection

In a recent comment to the article What You Wear Can Get You Somewhere… or Nowhere, a reader voiced concerns about affording the clothing you need to dress professionally for an interview. We have good news, though: Dressing for success does not have to distress!

Here’s why not: While you can easily spend a lot of money on a designer suit at a department store, you can get great bargains if you shop consignment, at a discount retailer, or at the Goodwill. Here are the facts:

At Margaret’s Consignments on Frankfort Avenue, you can get a men’s or women’s suit for $20 – $120. I personally shop at Margaret’s and am thrilled to death when my colleagues rave over my designer dresses and suits–something that happens regularly. I’ve paid no more than $30 on any of my purchases there.

At the Goodwill, men can find for suits for $10, ties for a buck, and sports coats for $5. Women fare even better: Two-three-piece suits run $6 and blouses go for a mere $2.50. Dry-cleaning these items is affordable too. You can launder men’s and women’s jackets for around five bucks and suits in the range of $10 – $11. Again, I have purchased many clothing items from the Goodwill. My friend buys nearly all of her attorney husband’s suits and dress shirts there, and he is far from looking shabby. You’ll have especially good luck shopping at the Goodwill stores in Middletown and at Holiday Manor Shopping Plaza.

Kohl’s is another option, if you have a little more money to spend. Our weekend shopper found men’s suits on sale for $200, women’s jackets for $40, and women’s pants for around $28.

These aren’t all of your options. You can also check out Valu-City and other discount retailers, as well as eBay. There’s even a program for disadvantaged women called Dress for Success that provides professional attire to assist women in their job placement endeavors.

You are certain to find something affordable… you just have to think outside the pricey-department-store box.


Professionalism in the Workplace

by Courtney Hisey, Career Counselor

Business Meeting
Making the transition from the classroom to the workplace can be challenging and intimidating. In your first professional job, it can be difficult to know what your employer expects from you on a day-to-day basis. There’s a certain code of behavior that’s expected by most employers, and your adherence is key to being a successful employee for your company.
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Looking Cool Isn’t Always Cool When You Interview

by Kelly Brewer (’07)

Effectively presenting yourself during interviews can be crucial to a successful job search. Companies often look beyond a winning resume and decide if they will hire you or not based on your appearance, self confidence and how well you present yourself to the interviewer. There are steps to take before and during your job interview that will help you present yourself with energy, confidence and professionalism.

Who would you rather hire?

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What You Wear Can Get You Somewhere… or Nowhere

by Tom Keith, former Director of Business Development

You roll out of bed late, take a shower, and quickly get yourself together. No time to eat breakfast, so you head out the door. Before leaving, you check the mirror.

  • Hair combed? Check.
  • Shirt and tie? Check.
  • Khaki pants? Check.
  • Clean shoes? Check.

“I look good,” you tell yourself, dressed to impress for your 10:00 interview.

But you aren’t. Not even close.

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