It’s Not Just About a 4.0 Anymore

by Courtney Hisey, Career Counselo

With more and more students graduating from college these days, your ticket to landing your dream job with a Bachelor’s Degree has become even more challenging. Employers, surprisingly, are focusing not so much attention on the perfect 4.0 grade point average, but on well-rounded students. Employers want employees who can balance responsibilities not only inside the classroom, but outside as well. Read more »


Surfing on the Clock May Come Back to Haunt You

by Laura Merrill, Manager of Cooperative Education

While some companies are starting to ban employee internet access to prevent non-work-related surfing, others are actually building portals through which their employees can access the web. So what should you do? The key to safe surfing is to know your company’s internet-usage policy and to stick by it. In a corporate environment, the guidelines may be stringent; in a casual environment, maybe not.

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Top Ten Rules for Effective Netiquette

by Laura Merrill, Manager of Cooperative Education

Emailing friends and strangers can be a fast and loose way to keep in touch, but when you use email on the job—or to find a job– you need to follow the rules of the road. Email etiquette, otherwise known as “netiquette,” adds professionalism and impact to your messaging, without sacrificing speed and efficiency. Here are 10 guidelines to remember when keystroking for your employer.

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Electronic Marketing: Using E-Resumes and E-Cover Letters

By Eileen Davis, Director of Career Counseling

Just as you can’t conduct a thorough job search without using electronic tools such as e-mail, job boards, and company web sites, you won’t be fully prepared for the search without text versions of your resume and cover letter. You’ll still need a nicely formatted “print” version of your resume for career fairs, interviews, and other face-to-face meetings. But the formatting that makes printed resumes eye-appealing can be an obstacle to the 80% of employers who place resumes into searchable databases. In addition, some employers won’t open e-mail attachments because of concerns about computer viruses. To make sure your documents can be “read” electronically in databases, job-boards, and e-mail, create text (or ASCII) versions of both your resume and cover letter.  

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Bloggers Need Not Apply

by Charity Mouck, Assistant Director of Career Services & Employer Relations, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

I stole the title for this article from one I read in the July 8, 2005, issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Their article by the same name ran in that issue and I remember reading it with great interest because I myself am an avid blogger and web designer. The basic pretense of that article and many that have followed since then, was that students, faculty and staff, which we can collectively label “job seekers”, may in fact be hampered in their efforts to find employment because of a little side hobby they have called blogging.

For those of you not familiar with the term, blogging is what one does with their blog, which is short for the word weblog. A weblog is a website that presents and archives information in a chronological format. Basically it is a venue for writing, ranting and the disclosure of whatever information the blogger sees fit, which can include pictures as well as the written word.

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Target on Campus

Target is recruiting on campus on Wednesday, October 18. The retailer will host two 45-minute information sessions, at 11:30 and 12:15. Login to your Symplicity account at and sign up for one of these important events.

Just in case you’re wondering, retail isn’t just working the cash register and keeping the shelves stocked. It’s also a great place to start a career. Target has an awesome management-trainee program that you can learn about at this information session.

If you have any questions about Target’s visit or about registering for the event, please contact Gloria Fuqua at 852-7756 or at

Your Interview Agenda

by Eileen Davis, Director of Career Development

The job interview is where image and substance come together. You must present yourself professionally in how you speak and dress, and even in how you gesture. Tips on creating a great physical image are in the articles What You Wear Can Get You Somewhere…or Nowhere and Looking Cool Isn’t Always Cool When You Interview. You must support a good first impression with a powerful presentation of your talents and experiences. Fortunately, by creating an interview agenda, you can walk into interviews with a clear idea of what you will offer employers – your experiences, talents, and skills – and how you will use your assets to get the job done.

Here are six common problems employers see on interviews, and how building your interview agenda before the interview will help you avoid them.

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Looking Cool Isn’t Always Cool When You Interview

by Kelly Brewer (’07)

Effectively presenting yourself during interviews can be crucial to a successful job search. Companies often look beyond a winning resume and decide if they will hire you or not based on your appearance, self confidence and how well you present yourself to the interviewer. There are steps to take before and during your job interview that will help you present yourself with energy, confidence and professionalism.

Who would you rather hire?

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Fall Into Your Career at UCMC Recruitment Events

by Gloria Fuqua, Manager of Recruitment Events

Look who’s coming to campus this fall! The Ulmer Career Management Center is pleased to announce that over 40 companies are coming to campus to recruit…YOU! Participating companies include UPS, General Electric, U.S. Department of Labor, KPMG, BB&T, Papa John’s, YUM! Brands, Kroger, Ernst & Young and more. Don’t waste time: Sign up now!

You won’t want to miss out on any of our events. Accounting majors can look forward to our annual Accounting On-Campus Recruitment event scheduled for September 25 through October 6. Some of the top firms that will participate include PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and many more. All firms have full-time and/or internship opportunities available in the areas of audit services, tax, assurance practice, staff accounting and more. To date, 16 CPA firms are confirmed to participate.

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Ulmer Center Workshops You Won’t Want to Miss

by Eileen Davis, Director of Career Development

Resume Rx
Do you know how to ensure that your resume survives a 10-second scan and gets you an interview? Find out what employers are looking for and how you can highlight your best qualities on a single sheet of paper. If you’re looking for a co-op/internship or if you’re just about to graduate and need a job, invest 45 minutes of your time in this informative workshop.

Interviewing Essentials
Most interviewers know who they don’t want to hire within the first 60 seconds of an interview. But what do you do after surviving that first minute? Discover the secret to answering just about any interview question. You’ll still have to prepare for interviews, but you will be amazed at the difference this method will make on the number of offers you get! Find out how to prepare, what to say, and what not to say in this 45-minute session.

Presentations Without Panic
Nearly everyone has heard that public speaking is the number one fear of most adults. There are skills you can learn, however, that can help reduce your panic when you have to address a group. You will not be asked to make a presentation in this workshop, so relax–and come prepared to pick up tips that may help to ease your presentation jitters.

Networking for Introverts
Job-hunting by computer may be appealing if you’re an introvert, but employers agree that the Internet is the least-effective method for finding qualified applicants. Because 75% of jobs are filled through some form of personal referral, networking is an essential skill for all job-hunters. But if even the idea of networking exhausts you, come to this workshop to learn practical, low-stress ways you can build your own group of career champions.

The 21st-Century Job-Hunt
Job-hunting can seem easy, until you’re unemployed and not getting interviews. This workshop describes a variety of ways to approach the job-market – including internet job-boards, search firms and recruiters, networking, and targeted marketing. Explore job-searching activities that will uncover the right jobs for you.